SPUG: Avoid this recruiter?

Meryll Larkin humbaba9 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 1 14:14:05 CST 2002


Hi CK,

I just wanted to thank you for speaking up.  I spent
at least 1 hour each week trying to recontact this
recruiter (leaving multiple messages, waiting on
hold).  Over 2.5 months I figure it was collectively
about 15 hours.

Here's the quote from your email:
> Anyway, if anybody has dealt with this recruiter and
> has had success, please let me know, maybe I'm wrong
> about him.

He called me after the postings went out about him
(someone must have informed him).  He said he called
me because I listed SPUG on my resume.  I read some
comments out of the emails without naming names - he
tried to get me to name names, even mentioned one to

He also tried to get me to repost to the SPUG list
saying that he jobs are real.  I told him all he had
to do was get me an interview or one of us a job and
everyone would know.  Haven't heard from him since.

I notice that no one else has posted to SPUG that
they've ever gotten so much as an interview from him,

Anyway, I'm grateful to you because now I'm putting
the time I used to use trying to contact him to better


--- c k <thasone at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Has anybody had success with this recruiter?
> Cazy Green
> Greythorn Inc.
> 40 Lake Bellevue
> Suite 100
> Bellevue, WA 98005
> cazy.green at ...
> He's always looking for somebody with Perl skills on
> a
> particular job board, in fact in one of his ads he
> recently states, "I need 12 Perl GURU's".  Yet, when
> I
> call him up, he use stalling tactics or doesn't even
> take your number to return your call, you have to
> call
> him.  After calling him several times, I said f#$k
> this, he ain't looking for nobody.
> Someday, I'm thinking of just sending him a real
> hyped
> up resume, that has no value.
> Anyway, if anybody has dealt with this recruiter and
> has had success, please let me know, maybe I'm wrong
> about him.

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