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Brian Hatch spug at ifokr.org
Fri Dec 27 14:26:12 CST 2002

> Much more often, your audience is "the maintenance programmer who 
> inherits this code."  When writing to this audience, optimize for 
> readability. Use descriptive (but not verbose) variable names, and 
> comment the intent (not the mechanics) of your code.  Comments are most 
> valuable when they capture the relevant information from the "sitting 
> and thinking" process that Peter describes.  Comments should be clear, 
> concise, and to the point.

If you write code that will be inherited by other netizens (say some
CPAN code) then a clear ability for others to understand is damned

If you are writing code that is only used by your employer, then
increased obfuscation can lead to a good situation called "job security".


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