A question of Style, was: SPUG: Sort an array question

O'neil, Jerome joneil at cobaltgroup.com
Fri Dec 27 12:40:56 CST 2002

> In my opinion one of the biggest things that promotes readability is 
> the use of long variable names. 

I'd agree so long as s/long/useful/g.

Few things annoy me more than finding

$the_variable_that_controls_the_widget_controlled_by_my_other_thingamabob =

Studly-cap it, and I'll jump off the nearest bridge.

Readability is the #1 sign of a polished and mature coder, but for the most
part, if I'm *using* Other People's Code, rather than *maintaining* it, I'd
much rather have a volume of perldoc than anything else.  

As far as the sorting problem, I'd have a totally different answer.

"If you are using Perl and you want to sort, but not with the highly useful
sort function, you have architecture and managerial problems.  No amount of
code will help you."

I hate employment "tests."

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