SPUG: Sort an array question

Brian Hatch spug at ifokr.org
Thu Dec 26 16:27:17 CST 2002

> While attempting to gain more meaninful employment, I
> happened upon this question from a prospective
> provider of opportunity.  "Sort an array
> alphabetically without using the Perl sort command." 
> This was provided by someone not familiar with Perl
> but other languages and all work was shown on a white
> board.  I think I did OK, there were a few holes in
> the code, and I decided to really give it a shot. 
> This works and is very close to what I provided on the
> spot.
> If any of you have some free time and thoughts, I'd
> appreciate them!  Tell me what you think.

Though you could certainly code up a bubble/insertion/quick sort
or such, how 'bout 

	#!/usr/bin/perl -w

	use IPC::Open2;
	use strict;

	my @array1 = qw(e c g h z r t a i h j l p b d r q x v a);

	open2(*R, *W, "sort") or die "Can't run sort!":
	print W join "\n", @array1;
	close W;
	chomp(@array2 = <R>);

	print "Sorted version: @array2";

After all, TMTOWTDI.

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