SPUG: Super-Sale on Damian's Jan. Classes!

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Sat Dec 21 15:29:42 CST 2002

Subject:  Super-Sale on Damian's Jan. Seattle Classes

Dr. Damian Conway, our favorite Visiting Instructor here at
Consultix, is interested in teaching some Seattle classes in
mid-January.  But before he commits to doing so, we need to know if
enough people will register to make these class offerings economically

As you're undoubtedly aware, mid-January is only a few weeks away,
and we're now just about to enter the holiday season, so it might
be an uphill battle to put all this together on such short notice.

This being the case, we need to get your attention right away,
and quickly determine if we can get our required minimum enrollment
for these classes.

To this end, we're temporarily offering training by this top speaker
at the previously unheard of price of only $225 per day!

That price will last until 12/27 or until we run out of discounted
seats, whichever comes first, so you'll want to register and
arrange payment (by charge-card only) as soon as you can to lock
in your discount.

   NOTE: If the online registration program at
         http://teachmeperl.com/cgibin/register.cgi shows you the
         discounted rate (of $225 X #days), it's still available.

All Consultix class offerings for 1Q 2003 are listed below, along
with more information about "The Damian".  I hope many of you can take
advantage of this unique opportunity to receive training from him!

                        JANUARY 2003
                 Title                       Dates     Site
   Practical Extraction and Reporting       1/13-14    Seattle
        (aka "Data Munging")
   Understanding Regexes                      1/15     Kirkland
   Fundamental Parsing for Bioinformatics   1/15-16    Kirkland
        (includes above Regexes class)
   Intermediate Object Oriented Perl          1/17     Kirkland

NOTE: "Munging" and "Regexes" have 1/2 day of material in common.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
                 TITLE                       DATES     SITE
   Minimal Perl                               1/27     Kirkland
   UNIX Fundamentals                        1/28-31    Kirkland
   Perl Programming                         2/10-12    Kirkland
   Using and Creating Perl Modules          2/13-14    Kirkland


Australia's Dr. Damian Conway is one of the foremost experts on the
Perl 5 language, and the co-designer (with Larry Wall) of the upcoming
Perl 6.

He's also a prolific contributor of sophisticated freely-available
Perl modules to the CPAN, one of the most popular speakers on the
Perl conference circuit (http://teachmeperl.com/tsc_review.html),
and a renowned presenter of entertaining and enlightening corporate
classes (see http://teachmeperl.com/damian_evals.html).

As if all that weren't enough, he's the only person in history to
win three Larry Wall awards for the tremendous contributions of his
CPAN modules to the Perl community!


*  Damian is the most engaging and motivated instructor I've had the
   pleasure of seeing. 

*  Very knowledgeable as well as congenial and animated. Made the
   subject quite fun and very enticing.

*  Highest class of instruction I've had since graduate school in
   the 1970's!

*  Awesome presentation. Instructor has thorough knowledge of
   subject, obviously. Very good speaker.

*  I would tell anyone who could take this course ("Adv. OO
   Perl") with Damian to take it - hands down. Wish there was a
   part 2 and 3!

*  Not only was his material excellent, but also his ability to
   speak. Dr. Conway is a true pleasure to listen to. He has a real
   flair for getting complex thoughts across.

General Information:

On-Site Training:

Course Listings:
        Perl,       http://teachmeperl.com/perllist.html
        UNIX/Shell, http://teachmeunix.com/unixlist.html

Registration and Pricing: http://www.consultix-inc.com/reg.html
  Instructor Evaluations: http://www.consultix-inc.com/evals.html
      Course Evaluations: http://www.consultix-inc.com/course_evals.html

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