SPUG: Wish list for SPUG 2003?

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Sat Dec 14 19:09:35 CST 2002


Well, 2002 is nearly over, so it's time to start thinking
about what we want to do with SPUG in 2003.

So please post your comments on the following topics,
which occur to me, and any others you might want to discuss.

* Presentation Topics for Meetings *
    + What Perl-related topics are you interested in hearing

    + And for each of those topics, do you know someone who
      might be willing to make a presentation on that topic?

* Regular Features at Meetings *
    + Besides the prepared talk(s), should we have any other
      regular features at our meetings?  Like "Lightning Talks",
      "Current Events", "Book Reviews", "Pop Quizzes",
      "Best of PerlMonks", etc.? 

* Services of SPUG *
    + Should we be providing any additional services or
      programs (beyond the meetings, Beginners Nights, mailing list,
      and job-postings) to our members or the community?
      If so, what?  

* Communal Projects *
    + Brian "Ingy" Ingerson once made a valiant effort to get
      some collective source-code development going in SPUG,
      but then he went into exile in Canada (shortly after embracing
      Python and Ruby, if memory serves; Suspicious!), and the effort
      ground to a halt.  Should we try to get this kind of activity
      going again?

* Community Building *
    + Should we be doing something to help us get to know each
    other better

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