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Michael R. Wolf MichaelRunningWolf at att.net
Fri Dec 13 13:47:04 CST 2002

m3047 at inwa.net (Fred Morris) writes:

> SGML has been
> commercial companies won't be cashing in on XML without really
> telling it like it is.

What do you mean "really telling it like it is"?  How is it?  

> None of this invalidates 
> but you ought to know about its origins.. or at least know enough to
> ask.

OK, I'll bite.  How is it?  What are its origins?  I don't see the
dark side you appear to be pointing to.

> The bureaucracy which usually goes along with it is a large part of
> the process.

Agreed.  You mention the down side, Bureaucracy.  I'll hilight the
flip side.  Perl is as interesting to me for the culture as it is for
the technology.  To quote Larry's wife (sorry, I forgot her name) when
I asked her about language and culture (specifically Perl), she
replied (as a linguist, and right-hand partner of Larry, and
therefore, very much, a pillar in the design of Perl6) "you can't
separate language from culture".

> Why is it that the cart before the horse doesn't work?  Ducks fly
> fine, seems to me.

Is this some "center of force vs. center of resistance" analogy, or
have I missed the Flying Walinda duck-horse cart act?

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