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SPUG-list-owner tim at consultix-inc.com
Thu Aug 29 13:38:45 CDT 2002

My old staff manager at Venturi Partners (formerly known as BEST Consulting)
is looking to fill the following 3 month contract position.  You must be
able to start immediately:

Sr. level UNIX object oriented Perl developer
Contract is at least through end of year.  
Max pay rate is $45.00/hour

Location:  Factoria

Required Skills:
 * Sr level UNIX  Solaris 2.8;  HP-UX version 11.0
 * Sr. level object oriented Perl Script Development
 * some DBA skills would help

Desired Skills:
 * previous experience in telecom and wireless - big plus
 * UML
 * experience in C++ - big plus
 * experience in the Korn shell - plus
 * undergraduate and advanced degrees from leading universities - big plus

Location Based Services.  These are the services that allow for 911
Vendors of base stations are installing new servers and the current system
for managing the features is archaic.  They have implemented features on the
servers that are less then user friendly.  Client is looking for a Sr. level
UNIX Developer with excellent Perl Script development skills to write
scripts that manage the process and automatically execute database checks,
file checks, etc.  There will be some database administration duties.  Most
is in text format, with some in Sybase.


Tyra Tally   
Consulting Services Manager        
Venturi Technology Partners (formerly BEST )
ttally at venturipartners.com
Cell:  206-276-6458
Fax:  425-814-8108

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