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Asim Jalis asimjalis at acm.org
Thu Aug 22 15:26:50 CDT 2002

Here are the links on Extreme Programming that I promised at the
last meeting:


"Extreme Programming Explained: Embrace Change" by Kent Beck.
Overview of XP philosophy. Short readable chatty.

"Test Driven Development" by Kent Beck. Available online at
More development focused. Includes lots of code samples, ideas
for testing techniques. Again very readable, mostly due to the
chatty humorous style.


<http://c2.com/cgi-bin/wiki> The Wiki. Publicly editable web
site. Contains living discussion on different ideas including XP.
If you have questions about specific parts of XP - e.g. does
pairing work over the internet - this is the place to go.

<http://www.xprogramming.com/software.htm> Download unit testing
frameworks for different languages here.

<http://seattlexp.com> Seattle XP Group. Information about
monthly meetings and weekly pair sessions at Tully's on 45th in
Wallingford. Pairing sessions are on every Thursday (except the
second) and are from 6.30 pm to 9.30 pm. Bring your laptop with a
project or come ready to pair with someone else.


Send a blank e-mail message to these addresses to subscribe. To
read archives go to <http://yahoogroups.com> and search for the
lists by name.

<mailto:extremeperl-subscribe at yahoogroups.com> Focus on Perl and
Extreme Programming. Low volume.

<mailto:extremeprogramming-subscribe at yahoogroups.com> General XP
discussion. High volume.

<mailto:extremeprogramming-seattle-subscribe at yahoogroups.com>
More focused on Seattle area announcements and events. Low

<mailto:refactoring-subscribe at yahoogroups.com> Focus on
refactoring. Medium volume.

<mailto:testdrivendevelopment-subscribe at yahoogroups.com> Focus on
unit testing and test driven development. Medium volume.

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