SPUG: c question ;)

Benjamin Franks benjamin at dzhan.com
Tue Apr 16 11:56:22 CDT 2002

I seem to be asking as many c questions as perl questions on this list,
but I get great responses...so here's another. ;)

I'm including "ndbm.h" for some basic database store/fetch routines in a c
program.  I'd like to be able to compile my program easily on different
*nixes with different base database libraries.  I know "gdbm.h" and the
berkeley "db.h" provide compatibility with ndbm, as well as things like
"db1/ndbm.h" on linux.  Is there a standard way to detect which database
library is present and include that one?  Should I be use preprocessor
directives like IFDEF...or a Makefile?  Also, I notice that sometimes I
need to link with a shared library version during compilation with an
option like "-l ndbm".  How would I detect if a shared library needs to be

Any relevant info sources or examples would be great.


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