SPUG: Kahn on Coy and Haikus

Tim Maher tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Apr 15 13:35:39 CDT 2002


You'll find below information submitted by Jeremy Kahn, who has
volunteered to talk about The Damian's "Coy.pm" module, and his own
variation on it, in which he has divorced the Haiku generator from the
error-code stuff.  And, by the way, there's still room on the agenda
for others who wish to contribute a talk on another Damianiacal module
for tomorrow's meeting (4/16, 7pm, Safeco Building, Seattle).

To paraphrase from our group's charter, "SPUG is an educational
cooperative, where people share their knowledge about Perl".  This being
the case, SPUG works best when people step forward to contribute.
So please consider making a presentation at tomorrow's talk (after
contacting me first), or if you need more lead time, for the May or
June meetings (all of which are dedicated to Exploring Damian's Perl

Currently, Tim Maher and Colin Meyer are the other SPUGsters who will
be making presentations.


What will I cover?

  << Coy.pm to my(Lingua::EN::Haiku), or "How to Hack the Damian and Live" >>

I'll talk about:

* what Coy does
* how to use it
* how it works
* how I subverted Coy -- well, at least the language parts -- for my own evil
  purposes in an attempt at rebuilding a separate module and a "Warning to
  Newbies:" "do not use this approach on Damian's modules without strong drink"
* some possible directions to take Coy and/or Lingua::EN::Haiku

Who is Jeremy Kahn?

* a computational linguist and software engineer at Conversay, where he
  irritates people by saying "oh, that's an easy tool in Perl" too often, and
  where he started a company PUG.

* the instructor for WashTech's Perl courses
  (http://www.washtech.org/wt/training) starting in May.

* somebody who has never met the man, but thinks Sean M. Burke is pretty cool,
  based strictly on his contributions to The Perl Journal.

* the guy who reads Email delivered to <kahn at cpan.org>.

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