SPUG: The Spam Problem

Steve Cartoon otter101 at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 9 09:55:34 CDT 2002

   I agree with Dancerboy back there. I've read all the posts (albeit as 
more of a lurker than much else) and I've yet to find a one that wasn't 
plaintext. And that's a very easy regexp to make to catch/strip  HTML tags 
of any kind in a message. Or certain keywords that would never be used in 
the general context of this group.

   But the real (and rather trivial) reason I'm writing here is the word 
SPUG. It does sound like a potato (and if we constructed a User's Directory, 
we would be.), but I've seen the actual word in use in some comics. Batman 
and Judge Dredd, I think they were. Unfortunately, in both instances it was 
used in the context of a henchman/gang member. So much for culture. Feh.

   Is it just me, or does the job market in Seattle actually appear to be 
picking up a bit? I got a phone call AND a rejection yesterday, and that's 
more than I got in the last six months.

   Back to the shadows, again...
   Steve Cartoon

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