Meryll Larkin humbaba9 at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 8 17:43:41 CDT 2002


Hi Folks,

I've been on this list for almost 4 years and I read
just about every email.  I'll let you all know when
I'm at the point that I understand half of it :-) ,
but I have a very good memory and this much I do know:

1.  ALL of you "list regulars" post in plain text, and
ALMOST all of the spam has been posted either in a
language other than English or in HTML (for the visual
ad value).

2. SPUG doesn't sound like anything obscene, it sounds
like a potato.  I've had my email address on my domain
for years and it hasn't brought me significant spam. 
Posting my résumé on job boards has brought me some
spam.  However, you can easily put a yahoo (they have
good spam-guards) address on the domain instead of the
list address and use that to sign up new members.

3.  There are companies that make money selling spam
lists, once your address is on one, you have to start
agressively reporting the spam (to the domain of
origin, and to agencies) in order to get off.  If you
are not yet getting daily spam that might work.  It
did work once for me.

4.  Any spam filter that is not also monitored by a
human being will be imperfect:  it will either let too
much spam go through to the list, or it will filter
out legitimate mail.  So it is important for someone
to be able to review what is being received by the
list and not forwarded on to all the members. 
However, this doesn't have to be done on an hourly

that's my 2 cents and I hope that some of it makes
sense to you, too.


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