SPUG: Shemales and Transsexuals !!!

Matt Tucker tuck at whistlingfish.net
Mon Apr 8 14:02:55 CDT 2002

-- Ben Reser <ben at reser.org> spake thusly:

> spamassassin should not be installed on a mailing list.  Part of the
> point of spamassassin is that even when installed globally on a
> machine users are still allowed to configure how it behaves for the
> most part. On a mailing list users don't have that option.
> Furthermore, spamassassin won't decrease the amount of spam people
> receive it'll just tag it all for them.  Unless you want to be very
> brave and just toss things spamassassin doesn't like...

I suspect that even tagging messages as probably spam would be enough
for most people that care about it, and is the way to go.

One huge advantage the list server has over my system is that it knows
who the list of subscribed users is. I find that my most successful
spam rule is the one that tags anything bcc'd to me as spam unless the
sender is known. Unfortunately, this doesn't usually seem to work for
lists; for some reason spam to lists almost always includes the list
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