SPUG: September Meeting, tonight!

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Tue Sep 18 14:11:11 CDT 2001

Sorry about the cut-and-paste derived typo; as several sharp-eyed SPUGsters
have noted, the September meeting should properly be held in September,
not July. The corrected notice follows

                  SEPTEMBER SPUG MEETING

  Topics: Exception Handling, and Lightning Rounds

 Speaker: Jim Flanagan
	  Collective Technologies
	  jimfl at colltech.com 

    Time: Sept. 18th, 2001 (Third Tuesday), 7pm-9pm
Location: Union Bank of Cal., Madison & 5th, 5th Floor Mtg Room
    Cost: Free!
The goals of the talk are to:
     * TRY to give a concise overview of the various methods and
		modules for error handling in Perl
     * THROW out some sample code
     * CATCH some SPUG'ers napping, and wake them up
     * FINALLY, describe ways of doing Java/C++ typed exception
	     handling, and using the typed exception as a control


After Jim's talk, we'll let people talk for 5 minutes on anything
Perlish they want, with a provision for projecting materials they
bring on a CD or Windows (FAT/VFAT) formatted 3.5" floppy in PDF,
PostScript, HTML, or ASCII form.

Everybody should have 5 minutes worth of Perl stuff to share with
the group, so all attendees are invited to participate!

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