SPUG: can't die() from XML::Parser handlers?

Douglas Leonard dleonard at dleonard.net
Mon Sep 17 17:35:05 CDT 2001

I'd recommend moving towards XML::LibXML rather than something such as
XML::XPath if you are looking for reasonable speed of execution.  I used
XPath on my last project and have been regretting it ever since because it
is so slow.  The reiterative manner in which it builds relationships can
severely impact performance on even relatively small datasets.


<Douglas Leonard>
<dleonard at dleonard.net>

On Sat, 15 Sep 2001, Colin Meyer wrote:


> Personally I find it much easier to use one of the CPAN modules that
> provides a higher level of abstraction from the parsing for dealing with
> xml documents. For data extraction from xml, I find myself leaning
> towards XML::XPath. XPath, part of the XSLT specification, provides a
> regular-expression like wildcard language for extracting specific pieces
> of data from an xml document. For xml transformations, or filtering, I
> have been using XPathScript, or Template-Toolkit with XML::XPath. These
> CPAN modules typically provide decent error handling.
> There are many other great xml modules on the CPAN, for building dom or
> dom-style data structures, for wrapping database query returns in xml,
> and just about anything you can imagine to do with xml. Modules that
> support the SAX interface can be chained together in a pipeline fashion
> to create very complex xml transforms.

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