SPUG: Sept. Meeting: Lightning Strikes SPUG!

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Sep 12 17:41:33 CDT 2001


Starting with next week's meeting, I'd like to experiment with
adding the "lightning rounds" format to our monthly agenda.
For those who don't know, these are 5-minute talks that are easy
to prepare, and even if some are boring, the spectators know
that in 5 minutes or less the topic will definitely change.
This format originated at one of the YAPCs, and it has since
migrated to TPC where it has been very popular.

I encourage all who plan to attend to think about talking briefly
about something Perlish (favorite module, pet peeve, job situation,
book/magazine, web-site, is there a Module so bizarre that even
Damian couldn't write it, etc.), and to bounce your ideas off the
list subscribers first to get useful feedback.

If we allow 10 minutes for announcements, 50 minutes for the
speaker (Jim Flanagan), and 10 minutes for a break, we'll
theoretically have time for about 10 5-minute talks.  If we
get fewer volunteers, we could let each have more time.

I'll need to coordinate with Andy to confirm this, but I'm thinking
that any supporting (digital) materials would need to be in text,
HTML, PostScript, or PDF format, either emailed to somebody first
(andy?) or brought on a 3.5" FAT or VFAT -format diskette or
perhaps a CD.

So who wants to pitch the first idea?

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