SPUG: Re: need recommendation on local ISP

Richard Anderson Richard.Anderson at raycosoft.com
Thu Sep 6 14:07:29 CDT 2001

I and several other SPUGers use Zipcon (www.zipcon.net ) and I can recommend
them highly.  The owner/manager, Daniel, is highly knowledgeable about
Linux, Apache, Perl and security issues.  I can send him an e-mail
requesting that he install a CPAN module at 7 p.m. and two hours later get a
reply that it's done.  He offers telnet access to a Linux server, 20 MB of
storage with the base package, DSL support and reasonable prices for
business-related services (unlike other ISPs, that charge excessive
"what-the-market-will-bear" rates for domain name hosting and other business

I had no trouble setting dial-up connections from Windows NT and Caldera
Linux.  I recommend Outlook Express and Pine as e-mail clients.  Dan has
Pine installed on his Linux telnet server, so it is easy to read your mail
while travelling.

I would happily pay Zipcon double for the service I am getting (but please
don't tell Dan!).

Richard Anderson, Ph.D
Richard.Anderson at raycosoft.com
Seattle, WA
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Subject: SPUG: need recommendation on local ISP

> I know this issue comes up way too often on this mailing list, but once
> again, can folks please send out recommendations on local ISPs?
> I would be connecting with a 56k modem.  I run Win98 now, but I intend to
> Linux or FreeBSD installed one of these days.  Thoughts on good email
> are welcome.
> I saw an ad for www.oo.net, and everything on their site seems reasonable.
> Does anyone use them?
> Thanks,
> Steve Howell
> P.S. Any Linux/FreeBSD advocates are welcome to send me recommendations
> My box is an HP Pavilion, and I also need to use my backpack cd-rewriter.
> find myself running more and more Unix software on my Win98 box, so it's
> really getting absurd to put up with the win98 nuisances.  I am going to
> my editor, EditPlus, though.  Are there any incompatibilities between CD
> formats in the OSes?

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