SPUG: need recommendation on local ISP

Showell30 at aol.com Showell30 at aol.com
Thu Sep 6 10:44:31 CDT 2001

I know this issue comes up way too often on this mailing list, but once 
again, can folks please send out recommendations on local ISPs?

I would be connecting with a 56k modem.  I run Win98 now, but I intend to get 
Linux or FreeBSD installed one of these days.  Thoughts on good email clients 
are welcome.

I saw an ad for www.oo.net, and everything on their site seems reasonable.  
Does anyone use them?


Steve Howell

P.S. Any Linux/FreeBSD advocates are welcome to send me recommendations too.  
My box is an HP Pavilion, and I also need to use my backpack cd-rewriter.  I 
find myself running more and more Unix software on my Win98 box, so it's 
really getting absurd to put up with the win98 nuisances.  I am going to miss 
my editor, EditPlus, though.  Are there any incompatibilities between CD 
formats in the OSes?

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