SPUG: srvany and Perl service

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Does the service have permission to modify the files?

Try changing the service to run under your account:

Open the properties of the service in the services control panel, and you should see the option to change the account it runs as.  In W2K, it is a separate tab.


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I using srvany.exe to install a perl service on win NT. 

srvany is installed as the "mainservice" using instsrv mainservice d:\services\srvany.exe

To install movefiles. pl (is does what the name implies, looks at a dir and moves the content to a new dir) as a service, 
I did the following (which is not working) 

- used regedt32.exe to edit the registry info. 

 - created a new folder "Parameters" under                                             HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CURRENTCONTROLSET\mainservice\

- created a new value in Parameters:    AppParameters:REG_SZ:pathname of the movefiles.pl (c:\perl\scripts\movefiles.pl)
 -created a new value in Parameters:    Application:REG_SZ:pathname of perl.exe (c:\perl\bin\perl.exe)

When I restart the "mainservice"  from the control panel nothing happens, meaning no files are moved. 
The movefiles.pl is only a testscript to see if I can get the service to work. 

What am I doing wrong?  Any suggestions? 


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