SPUG: Interesting sort issue

Parr, Ryan Ryan.Parr at wwireless.com
Tue Oct 23 22:28:38 CDT 2001

I have spoken too soon. It seems that the sort routine was reverse
alphabetizing the directories, but properly alphabetizing files. This in
itself is weird, but was easily fixed:

if(-d $a && -d $b) {
	return $b_title cmp $a_title;
else {
	return $a_title cmp $b_title;

This code works, even when there's mixed directories and files. I do
still consider this strange. 

-- Ryan

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For the current implementation of my department's website, I've made a
module (FileAPI) that allows me to utilise pages as data sources easily.
I've also got an SSI CGI script that dynamically builds the drop-down menu
and directory listings according to the directory structure which is
determined using File::Find. The problem I'm running into is that sorting is
very quirky. 

The following code:
sub preprocess {	# File::Find passes the directory listing to
&preprocess if defined 
			# before doing anything with it, specifically for
sorting or excluding 
			# directory entries
	return sort sorter @_;

sub sorter {
	my $a_title = lc(FileAPI->new($a)->getTitle());
	my $b_title = lc(FileAPI->new($b)->getTitle());

	$a_title cmp $b_title;
does alternating alphabetizing. For instance:

C Directory
	A Sub-Directory
	B Sub-Directory
	C Sub-Directory

B Directory
	A Sub-Directory
	B Sub-Directory
	C Sub-Directory

A Directory
	A Sub-Directory
	B Sub-Directory
	C Sub-Directory

and so on...

I consider this behavior to be bizarre. Any thoughts?

-- Ryan Parr

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