SPUG: In poor taste?

Ken McGlothlen mcglk at artlogix.com
Tue Oct 23 01:28:31 CDT 2001

Jennifer <mars at www.alaskashops.net> writes:

| That looks like a religous picture to me (before the vandalism).  To put it
| into perspective, no matter what your beliefs, is it funny to see someone
| like Jesus or Buddha with a penis on his head?

(* roll eyes *)  It wasn't a religious picture.  It was a picture of Osama bin
Laden.  He's not considered a holy man, even by Muslims.

And it wouldn't bother me to see Jesus or Buddha or any other religious figure
portrayed the same way.  But then, it's hard to say where the humor would come
from in that case; in bin Laden's case, calling him a d***head in pictures at
least makes a certain amount of sense given the current context of events.

(Which just goes to show you, Marion, that some people are willing to be
offended no matter how you phrase it.)

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