SPUG: Re: cat on Windows?

Richard Seymour UW-NPL SEYMOUR at npl.npl.washington.edu
Mon Oct 22 14:46:18 CDT 2001

A variety of people have responded to:

>>>> Also, is there a 'cat' on windows?
with something siomilar to:
>  Only possible via Unix add-on's I believe.

Let's try the logical inversion: (i.e. asking it from a Windows perspective)

> Is there a "TYPE" on **ix?
Yes, but it doesn't do what you'd expect

(you may take my previous parenthetical statement in any context
 you'd prefer)(i'm somewhat OS neutral)

We could generalize to:
Is there a convenient way of displaying a text file on the user's
 screen in all operating systems, if we restrict ourselves to
 trying to use a "user/shell-level command"?

At which point the answer fuzzes to "Yes, but some use common English
 colloquialisms, whereas others use the names of semi-domesticated animals
 (and may have strange likings for books with woodcuts of animals thereon)."
 ..and both can reach into historical perspective to defend their nomenclature
 (one involving Victorian-era manipulation of metallic objects, the other
 based upon the contraction of a long word since the metallic-manipulator
 available at the time of formation of the lexicon was difficult to use,
 plus concatenate was boring to type (whoops) repetitively)

have fun
(there's no native "cat" under OpenVMS, either, nor pre-OSX Macs)
(save under ancient Apple AUX in the late '80s)

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