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Matt Tucker tuck at
Sun Oct 21 15:08:55 CDT 2001

-- Colin Meyer <cmeyer at> spake thusly:

> On Sun, Oct 21, 2001 at 05:08:48AM -0700, Matt Tucker wrote:
>>      system qw(cat templates/RealTop.htm);
> Out of curiosity, does this work on Windows?  (I don't have a windows
> box within convenience to test on.)
> The 'perldoc -f system' page says that Perl forks before executing
> the  requested command.  Does the Windows Perl's system execute the
> commands without forking?

That should work fine as long as cat is installed and in the path.

> Also, is there a 'cat' on windows?

Not with the default installation. I always installed cygwin on my
systems, though, but honestly the Windows angle never even crossed my
mind; I no longer think about Windows compatibility when I write code.
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