SPUG: Re: Results of Unix vs Windows Survey

Matt Tucker tuck at whistlingfish.net
Sun Oct 21 06:53:25 CDT 2001

-- dancerboy <dancerboy at strangelight.com> spake thusly:

> An interesting corollary question would be: on what platform did you
> *first* start using Perl?  My guess is that most people start using
> Perl on Unix, and thus most Perl users are Unix users, though they
> may be Windows users as well.  Those who use Windows exclusively are
> less likely to begin using Perl in the first place. (I notice that
> there are no Windows + <non-Unix OS> users in the sample.)

I learned to program Perl on Windows NT, and used primarily that
platform for several years before switching completely to Linux and
never looking back.

While I was learning and using it on NT, though, I did some development
on the Mac as well. I just never found it all that useful, and despite
going through all the work of getting it running, only did a couple
projects on that platform.

So while you don't currently have a "Windows + <non-Unix OS>" example,
you have someone who used to be.  :-)
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