SPUG: Re: Results of Unix vs Windows Survey

Steve Howell showell at zipcon.com
Fri Oct 19 20:35:51 CDT 2001

Richard Anderson wrote:
> After some crude data-mining, I noticed that only 25% of the programmers
> that use Perl on Unix use Perl on some other platform, whereas 40% of the
> programmers that use Perl on Windows use Perl on some other platform.  How
> should this be interpreted?  

Most people on this list like Perl a lot.  Six folks use it on both
Windows and Unix, presumably because we have to support both platforms,
or we might even like both platforms.  Of the other 39 non-Mac, non-dual
users, 30 choose Unix as their primary OS, vs. 9 who choose Windows as
their primary OS.  The thirty Unix people presumably choose Unix at
least in part due to its common bundling of Perl.  The nine people who
choose Windows probably choose it for non-Perl-related reasons that
trump the barriers related to installation and deployment of Perl apps
on Windows (which aren't that great to begin with).

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