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Ben Reser ben at reser.org
Fri Oct 19 12:20:34 CDT 2001

On Fri, Oct 19, 2001 at 09:24:17AM -0700, Martin Korb wrote:
>    I am writing a cgi program which queries a database table. One of the
>    columns has data-type of text (meaning it exceeds 256 bytes). I am
>    trying to display the content of all the columns on a page as cells of
>    a table (this is the easy part). I am just not able to display the
>    content of the column whose data-type is text. I know the content is
>    actually stored as a pointer to the content in the database table, but
>    I am not at all sure how do get out.
>    Do I need to loop over the content and just advance the pointer to
>    point to next 256 bytes or what....?

I believe the answer is dependent on the database driver you are using
and as a result the database itself that you are connecting to.  It
would at least help me try to answer your question is you told us that.

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