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Tue Nov 20 14:54:18 CST 2001

>My current project adds another task: generating XML to match particular
>DTDs. I'll receive Perl data structures, and need to translate them into
>valid XML.

>I've two thoughts on how to do this. In my simple proof-of-concept
> program sketches, they seem to be approximately equal. One is to use a
> template file, and fill in the changing pieces, and the other is to

>The tricky bit that I haven't solved is complying to the DTD in such
>a manner that I'll be sure that my generated doc is correct.  

I haven't used it but XML::AutoWriter may be worth a peek
as well as XML::Writer which was mentioned. The bundled 
XML::Doctype and XML::ValidWriter appear to offer some 
added flexibility. 

Charles DeRykus

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