SPUG: Lightning Talks, and URL Confusion

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Mon Nov 19 15:05:15 CST 2001


At our last meeting, we had a very successful launch of our new
"Lightning Talks" agenda item, so we should try to keep that as a
standard feature of every meeting.  So anybody who wants to take a few
minutes to talk about something Perlish, feel free to do so.  If you
want to bring projectable materials, bring them on a 3.5" diskette (or
Email them to me in advance) in text, HTML, PostScript, or PDF format.
(If the Internet hookup works as expected, you might not have to bring
anything except your URL, but given that this is our first use of the
room, I recommend bringing the diskette.)


Allow me to clear up some confusion about the official SPUG web
site(s)! 8-{

The official URL is www.seattleperl.org, or simply seattleperl.org
(but *.net and *.com also work, because they point to the same place).

Unfortunately, the .sig for SPUG postings shows a different URL,
zipcon.net/spug, and I'm unable to change it because the PM Majordomo
is still goofy.  (I've asked the Perl Mongers (PM) SA to look into this,
and am waiting to hear from him.)

The URLs (www\.)?zipcon.net/spug and (www\.)?seattleperl.(com|org|net)
are all currently being redirected to, which is a site
provided for free (Hooray!) by Dan Pewzner at zipcon (but that's *not*
the same as zipcon.net/spug!).

John Cokos is managing the DNS service for seattleperl.*, and eventually
(his email is giving a Thanksgiving Vacation reply at the moment), he'll
change those sites to point to the zipcon IP as they should,
so we can dispense with the current redirection.

Anyway, all the different variations currently work (AFAIK), and they
all show the same accurate info about tomorrow's meeting.

Hope to see lots of you at tomorrow's meeting!

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