SPUG: Nov. Meeting: Tim's "Intro. to OO Perl"

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Sun Nov 18 18:28:37 CST 2001

                     NOVEMBER SPUG TALK

   Title: Intro. to Object Oriented Perl
 Speaker: Tim Maher, CONSULTIX (tim at consultix-inc.com)

    Time: November 20th, 2001 (Third Tuesday), 7pm-9pm
Location: Safeco Auditorium, Safeco Building
    Cost: Free!

        ** NOTE: New location!  See details below **
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Unlike other programming languages, Perl doesn't require its
users to employ a particular method of programming.  Instead,
it accommodates both the classic "Procedural" and newer
"Object-Oriented" approaches.  In this talk, Tim will cover the
basics of OO Perl, using excerpts from the 1.5 day CONSULTIX
course on the subject.

Covered topics will include: Constructors, Destructors,
Encapsulation, Data Hiding, Inheritance, and Polymorphism.

All interested parties are welcome to attend, but Intermediate-level
Perl knowledge (hashes, references, complex data structures, map/grep,
etc.) will be required to understand the details of the talk.


During the last two decades, Dr. Tim Maher has taught programming to
thousands of high-tech professionals.   As a Professor of Computer
Science, and later as a Software Instructor for AT&T, Sun, DEC, HP,
and CONSULTIX, Dr. Maher has consistently earned acclaim for his
highly effective and entertaining style of course development and


Thanks to the generous efforts of the always helpful Andy and Dora
Sweger (Andy's the en-hat'ed one in: seattleperl.org/n2h2.html),
we'll be trying out a new meeting location this month: the SAFECO
building at the corner of Brooklyn St. and NE 45th St.  The SAFECO
Tower is the largest structure in this area, near the Univ. of
Washington, and as such is easy to spot once you get close.

For those unfamiliar with this location, look for the label
"Safeco Plaza Tower" in the top/center portion of this map:

There's a convenient (paid) parking lot just South of the building
with entrances from Broadway and University Way streets, and street
parking if you're lucky.

  Driving from Points North of the University District:

        Take I-5 south bound, exit at NE 45th Street.
        Turn left (east) on NE 45th Street. You should
        easily see the SAFECO building ahead on the
        right. When you reach Brooklyn Ave NE, you're
        there. Find a convenient parking space.

  Driving Prom Points East of Seattle:

        Take highway 520 or I-90 west, exit to north bound
        I-5. Follow directions for downtown Seattle below.

  Driving Prom Downtown Seattle:

        Take I-5 north bound, exit at NE 45th Street
        (keep right). Turn right (east) on NE 45th
        Street. You should easily see the SAFECO
        building ahead on the right. When you reach
        Brooklyn Ave NE, you're there. Find a convenient
        parking space.

  Finding the Meeting Room

        The entrance is on the Brooklyn side of the
        large SAFECO tower (near the NE corner of
        building, close to Brooklyn Ave NE & NE 45th
        ST). Enter through the glass revolving doors.
        Just inside the doors, you should see the
        security desk. Inform the guard that you are
        there for the SPUG meeting in the auditorium.
        The guard will have you sign the log book and
        give you a visitor badge or sticker. You will be
        directed to the mezzanine level (fourth floor)
        where the auditorium is located.

For those who can arrive early and wish to socialize with other
SPUGsters before the meeting, we have designated a nearby
eatery/drinkery as a gathering place:

        The Big Time Brewery and Alehouse (bigtimebrewery.com),
        at 4133 University Way NE, Seattle WA 98105. 

Expect SPUGsters to start trickling in about 6pm, and heading
over to the meeting place at about 6:40.

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