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Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at
Sun Nov 18 12:21:30 CST 2001

On Sat, Nov 17, 2001 at 07:37:37AM -0800, dancerboy wrote:
> Is it my imagination, or has SPUG been getting a lot more spam 
> recently?  Is there anything that can be done about this?

What SPUG-spam have you seen?  I haven't noticed anything in
ages, so unless I've overlooked something, I'd have to say it's
just your imagination, as you suggest.

> E.g. what about making SPUG a closed list so that non-members can't 
> post?  I know this causes problems for people with multiple 
> addresses, but I also know that at least some listserv software 
> allows members to register multiple aliases.  Does the software we 
> use (majordomo?) allow this?  If not, how difficult would it be to 
> switch?
> -jason

In response to some spam messages last year, I proposed closing
the list, and the consensus was that the subscribers would rather
have a little spam than give up their ability to easily manage
multiple addresses.

The maintenance of the SPUG-list is provided for free by the Perl
Mongers folks (, who handle all the Perl mongers lists
identically, so we'd have to run it ourselves to use listserv.

Personally, I think we need all the free help we can get, and
that the SPUG list is doing okay as it is, with no compelling
reason to change anything at this time.


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