SPUG: Why aren't they hiring?

Jim Flanagan jimfl at colltech.com
Wed Nov 14 17:59:37 CST 2001

--On Wednesday, November 14, 2001 3:34 PM -0800 c k <thasone at yahoo.com> 

> I've been looking for a perl position in Seattle
> sometime now and after using for some time one of the
> online job sites, www.dice.com, I'm beginning to
> wonder why some of the recruiters or employers haven't
> hired anybody yet.  They're posting the same positions
> month after month.  Is it that hard for them to find
> someone?  Sometimes I feel like I'm present or some
> one else who's more qualified is present, and why
> aren't these positions being taken up.  I guess I'm
> just frustrated, in dealing with recruiters.
> For those in the know, I would enjoy hearing your
> experienced input.  Thank you!

	Sometimes, when hiring people who do not have US citizenship, an
	employer must demonstrate that they tried to find an equally
	qualified US citizen for the position, and so they must advertize
	positions for which they have no intention of hiring. Also, some
	organizations, particularly government agencies must advertise a
	position where they already have someone internally they want to hire.

Jim Flanagan
jimfl at colltech.com

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