SPUG: Re: Looking for SPUGers working at SAFECO

Andrew Sweger andrew at sweger.net
Mon Nov 12 23:50:24 CST 2001

Are there any SPUGers out there working at SAFECO (there aren't any
obvious ones on the SPUG distribution list)? Do any of you know a SAFECO
employee that's ready to throw off the shackles of COBOL or VB and embrace
the power of the dark... oops. Uh, I mean Perl. I checked out the
auditorium and it would be a pretty sweet deal. However, we must have a
SAFECO employee in attendence as our sponsor (they're the key to getting
past the guards). Other than that, it's free.

- Andy

(your former SPUG host)

On Tue, 6 Nov 2001, William Julien wrote:

> It's "vi Bill" here. I hold my Northwest Computing Measurement group
> conference at the UW Safeco auditorium. Great over head projector. 
> We fly in speakers from all over the country, and many have commented
> that it was one of the best places they have presented. It is a bit large.
> Seating for 100, close it I5, no escorts, but a badge at the door
> is required by security. Lots of UW watering holes nearby. There is
> a hotel just across the street for those "out of town" speakers.
> The problem is finding a sponsor. NWCMG gets its space rent free from
> Safeco because our president is an employee. The key to booking this
> place is to find a Safeco SPUGite that is willing to sponsor (in other
> words, reserve the room and notify security) for SPUG. 
> See http://www.catmanor.com/nwcmg/ to see my nwCMG conference listings.

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