SPUG: Need New Meeting Place

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Tue Nov 6 17:02:11 CST 2001


With the recent departure from N2H2 of Andy Sweger, SPUG lost
its last connection to the Union Bank of California's
meeting space, and officially became homeless! 8-{

To deal with this problem, I have arranged a "moderately adequate"
location for the next few meetings as a fall-back position, so our
meeting schedule will be able to resume this month for sure, and
continue at least through the end of this year.

However, this space is definitely not optimal, so I encourage
you all to ask your bosses if we could meet in your building's
meeting room, if it's better.  FYI, I've attached a list of
the desirable properties below, culled from the many remarks made
by members a few years back (the last time we were "evicted"). 

The "fall-back" location (which I'm keeping mum about for the time
being, for "diplomatic" reasons), lacks the following: a computer
projector, comfy chairs (they're hard plastic), and restaurant/bar
facilities in neighborhood.

So please consider what you've got for meeting space that we might
be able to use (on 3rd Tuesdays, 6:30-9pm), and let me know about it!

P.S. Those new to this "begging for space" game tend to think that
Public Libraries are the magic solution to this problem, but I've
never seen one that could handle the long-term advance bookings for
particular nights that we need, so they don't really work for us.

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Minimum Requirements:
	Easy highway access
	Accommodation for up to 25 persons
	Central to high-tech work locations
		(Seattle, Bellevue/Kirkland, or Mercer Island)
	Near restaurants/bars for post-meeting meetings

	Free and ample parking
	Accommodation for up to 50 persons (for Damian talks, etc.)
	free access to meeting room (no escorts)
	Overhead Projector & screen
	Telephone line access (for laptop/Internet connectivity)
	Low charge ($$) to use facility

Even Better:
	Computer Projector
	Computer with Internet access (via DSL, etc.)
	Comfy chairs
	No charge ($$) to use facility

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