SPUG: Re: Inline::File

Brian Ingerson briani at activestate.com
Fri Mar 23 11:26:07 CST 2001

David Vergin wrote:
> Hi Brian,
> Enjoyed the bit on Inline::File the other night at SPUG. But I have been unable
> to locate it. Any clue would be appreciated.


You can pick up the initial version at Damian's site:


It has a few minor bugs but is definitely good enough to start playing

Damian and I agreed that I would add the next round of functionality and
then put it on CPAN. I'm in the middle of doing that, but unfortunately
I will be away from my computer for the next week.

Cheers, Brian

NOTE: One bug is that it won't run on threaded perls like ActivePerl. If
you need to use ActivePerl apply the following (one character) fix to

# For some crazy reason this will not work on a threaded perl:
#    vf_open *$symbol, "$open_mode$$symbol", $symbol  or return;
# but this will:
    vf_open $symbol, "$open_mode$$symbol", $symbol  or return;

perl -le 'use Inline C=>q{SV*JAxH(char*x){return newSVpvf
("Just Another %s Hacker",x);}};print JAxH+Perl'

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