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Jafaar Nyang'oro seppy at mail.tanzatech.com
Thu Mar 22 10:45:51 CST 2001


I need to create a script that would format the output from 
files created by processes running in Windows NT to look like 
the output that has been created by UNIX processes.

I have included the files in question below. I'll appreciate 
for any pointers on how to write that sort of a script. In all, 
there are three files: sysinfo.out, contacts.out, and dept.out 

UNIX Files

file: sysinfo.out

Run Date: Tue Mar 20 16:17:36 CST 2001
Operating System: SunOS
OS Version: 5.7
CPU Count:  8
Host Name: dbsun01
Hardware: Sun Ultra Bigbox

IP Address(es):	dbsun01	dbsun01.intra db735f04af	# Added by TRIS Install	dbsun01a
Good To Go?: 

file: contact.out

Primary name: Pcontact Smith
Primary number: 555-1212
Backup name: Bcontact Jones
Backup number: 555-1213
Department(s): 704dss
Application(s) in use: winders 3.x, psoft
Server Location: Hoffman Estates, IL, B2-255A

file: dept.out

Department(s): 704dss

NT Files

file: nt-sysinfo.out

Thu Mar 22 01:27:20 2001
NT Type: NT Advanced Server
Version: 4.0, Build = 1381, CSD = Service Pack 6 
CPU Count: 1 
Host Name: 6010TPOS 
Hardware: IBM Netfinity 3500 
IP Address(es): 
IP Address:

file: nt-contact.out

Primary name: Jafaar Nyang'oro
Primary number: 65924
Backup name: Mr. Backup
Backup number: 61234
Department(s): 704SAG
Application(s): TPOS; SOLAR
Server Location: Hoffman Estates Ill.

file: nt-dept.out

Department(s): 704SAG

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