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Rebecca Hackman RHackman at ese.washington.edu
Mon Mar 19 10:44:12 CST 2001

Dear SPUG members:

Interested in developing your Perl skills by taking an exciting Perl class
at the University of Washington this spring?  We have a few spaces left in
our "Perl and the World Wide Web" course, taught by Joel Grow (Software
Development Engineer, Amazon.com) and Brian Aker (Senior Slashdot Architect,
VA Linux Systems).   This is the third course in our UW Certificate Program
in Perl Programming and is open to individuals on a space-available basis
who want to take the course without pursuing the certificate.  

By the end of the course you will have a solid understanding of these

*	Using CGI.pm
*	Persistence on the WWW
*	SQL and DBI.pm
*	Apache and mod_perl
*	XML, RSS, and SOAP
*	Real-world web site design 

This is an advanced course.  To succeed you'll need to arrive with strong
Perl skills and a basic understanding of these topics:

*	Basic data types: scalars, arrays, and hashes
*	Control structures, loops, and blocks
*	Regular expressions
*	Subroutines
*	I/O and file and directory functions
*	Understanding and using scope
*	DBM files
*	References and complex data structures
*	Object-oriented programming

The course is held in downtown Seattle on Monday evenings from 6-9 pm
beginning Monday, March 26th.  The course fee is $545.00 plus a $30.00
registration fee.  

For further information, please call me at (206) 221-6243 or send me email
at rhackman at ese.washington.edu.  There is also information about the course

Best regards,

Rebecca Hackman
Academic Programs
University of Washington Educational Outreach
5001 25th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA 98105-4190
rhackman at ese.washington.edu 
(206) 221-6243

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