SPUG: Segmentation Fault in mod_perl

Jonathan Gardner gardner at sounddomain.com
Thu Mar 15 12:26:18 CST 2001

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Andrew Wyllie wrote:
> Hi Jonathan,
> This has been discussed to some extent on the mod_perl mailing list
> so you may want to check the archives (perl.apache.org).  In a
> nutshell, the expat that comes with apache should be disabled when
> you build apache with mod_perl.  Depending on how you built mod_perl
> this may or may not have been done for you.  The apache expat and
> the version of expat used by XML::Parser are not the same and cross
> each other up causing the segfaults.
> my apache config command looks like this:
> cd apache_1.3.19;
> ./configure --disable-rule=EXPAT \
>          --prefix=/usr/local/apache \
>         --activate-module=src/modules/perl/libperl.a
> I also found that using the DSO stuff and expat gave me some problems, but I 
> did not really investigate this too much - I don't really need the DSO stuff.
> hope this helps
> andrew
Oh yes it sure did help. It took me a while to get apache compiled (I'm a bit
addicted to the simplicity of RPM) but after I got everything figured out it
works great.

I totally disabled DSO just to be on the safe side.

Everything is running very smoothly now - if anyone is interested in how I used
ht://dig and mod_perl on Apache to build an internal search engine, I'd be happy
to describe my adventure. Is this the kind of stuff a Spug (or espug) meeting
is made of?

Jonathan Gardner
gardner at sounddomain.com
(425)820-2244 x123

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