SPUG: March 20 Meeting: Komodo & Regexes, ActiveState

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Wed Mar 14 21:58:06 CST 2001


Sorry about the delay, but the globe-trotting ActiveState people
have only recently gotten back to me with the following details
for next week's talk. Sounds like it could be a good one, so hope
to see you all there!

NOTE: The next few meetings, including this one, will run from
7:30-9:30 (rather than the usual 7-9pm) due to scheduling issues.

P.S.  Same info on web-site too now.
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         "Perl, Komodo & Regular Expressions"
        Brian King and Neil Watkiss, Developers
           ActiveState Corp., Vancouver CA

Regular expressions are often the bane of many a programmer.
This talk provides an overview of the Regex debugger in Komodo,
ActiveState's new cross-platform, multi-language, scripting IDE.
The Regex Debugger, goes beyond the simple "matched or not"
feedback available in all current Regex debuggers.  'Rx' is written
in Perl and C and integrated into Komodo using Mozilla's XPCOM
technology. Coming soon to Mozilla, PerlXPCOM will allow you to
write your components directly in Perl.

1. Background: Komodo & Perl
 - A cross platform, multi-language IDE
 - Based on Mozilla
 - Perl debugging, syntax highlighting, auto-completion, etc.

2. Regular Expression Debugger
 - What was missing - Regex debugger
 - Never-before-seen features
 - Decided to write in Perl

3. Rx.pm
 - Based on re.xs (in the Perl core)
 - Mostly written in XS & C, some Perl
 - Exposes the Perl regular expression engine functions
 - Provides information about compilation and execution phases

4. Rx::Info.pm
 - Written completely in Perl
 - Provides an OO API to regular expressions and information

5. Integrating Rx into Komodo
 - An XPCOM component (introduce XPCOM briefly)
 - Written in C++
 - Embeds a Perl interpreter

6. Future of Perl & Mozilla: PerlXPCOM
 - Current status

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