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Jason Lamport jason at strangelight.com
Mon Jun 25 14:45:57 CDT 2001

At 2:17 PM -0700 6/21/01, William Julien wrote:
>  >
>>I haven't been following this a closely as I should have,
>>but with the NWNexus/Winstar merger, and
>>Winstar's bankruptcy, and dial-up Internet
>>access accounts being transfered to EarthLink
>>I'd suggest looking elsewhere for a web page
>>for SPUG.
>A lot of people have been going over to drizzle.com.

A word of warning:  drizzle's tech people don't entirely know what 
they're doing.  E.g. they've set up their site so that users' CGI 
scripts run with the same UID as the web server(!), *not* as the user 
who owns the account.  Not only that, but when I called up to 
complain, it took me rather a long time to explain to their Unix 
"guru" why this as a Bad Thing.

They set up this really annoying kludge just for my account (all my 
scripts have to be called via a URL like 
http://www.mydomain.org/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/myusername/myscript.cgi ), 
but AFAIK everyone else's CGIs are still running as the web server.


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