SPUG: YAPC:Euro; good fares from SEA?

Daniel James djames at serv.net
Thu Jun 21 13:28:10 CDT 2001

On Thu, Jun 21, 2001 at 10:20:02AM -0700, Tim Maher/CONSULTIX wrote:

> Now that my tutorial proposal has been accepted, I suddenly find myself
> in need of a flight to Amsterdam to attend YAPC::Europe, 8/2-4.  Does
> anybody have advice on economical flights to Amsterdam, or clever ploys to
> fly to a cheaper nearby city instead (Brussels, London, etc.)?  By surfing
> various web-sites, I've found a non-stop SEA-AMS flight on NorthWest for
> $1,067, and connecting flights from the high $800s to the low $900s on
> other airlines. Anything better out there?

That seems hard to believe.  I read Frommer's travel newsletter every
day (http://www.frommers.com/newsletters/today/contents.html) and there
are constant mentions of deals this summer to Europe.  There's bookings
to Manchester right now for around $350 on US Airways (granted, that's
for July), and www.go-today.com is offering packages (car and air) to
Amsterdam for under $800 (unfortunately, for September).

My point (and this is all way off topic for the list, so I apologize)
is that, if there are such good deals in July and September, there must
be something reasonable for August.

I've also heard nothing bad bad things about Northwest.  I'd take a
transfer at Heathrow or JFK to avoid them.

I'd suggest checking out a consolidator (www.tiss.com is one) or
contacting (gasp) a travel agent.  They should be able to do much
better than what you're finding.

Dan (computer programmer/travel agent wannabe)

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