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El JoPe Magnifico jope-spug at jope.net
Thu Jun 21 12:54:00 CDT 2001

>> haven't been to a meeting in eons. *gulp!*)
> We'll expect to see you again on 8/9, when Damian makes his next visit! 8-}

Sorry, unavoidable conflict precluded attending Colin's talk. =(
But I did hype the hell out of it to my co-workers.  =)

>> Is there any reason not to move it to the pm.org server?  Consistency
>> with the other PM's aside, that server has mod_perl, which I'm guessing
>> Halcyon's server does not.  =)
> Since we're not running any Perl scripts from the site currently,
> mod_perl hasn't become an issue.  And despite our PM membership,
> full consistency with other PM groups (which came along after
> our founding, and "naming") has never been a SPUG priority
> (as indicated by our retention of our original name).  Moreover,
> there are advantages to maintaining our relationship with halcyon;
> e.g., they provide dial-up shell-accounts, which on occasion
> we've used to run perl-scripting demos from Windoze boxes during
> SPUG meetings.

I'm not suggesting this as an either-or.  Is there any reason that
we couldn't keep the Halcyon account, even if we move part or all
of the site to the pm.org server?  Hell, at very least put a redirect
in place from seattle.pm.org.  The consistency angle that I mentioned
was simply from the perspective of seattle.pm.org being an easier URL
to remember; I wasn't suggesting a need to more tightly integrate our
organizational strucure with PM as a whole.

The fact that we're not running any perl on the site right now is a
chicken-and-egg problem if Halcyon doesn't offer the ability do so.
And even if they do offer it, why shouldn't we evolve?  Our site
should be glowing masterpiece!  A paragon of perlocity shining in
the distance!  A fully interactive extravaganza that can cream you
in a game of chess!  (well, maybe that part's a bit much)

If we still want to use a Halcyon dial-up for demos, great, but that
is a distinct issue from where the site resides.  The mailing list is
already elsewhere, so "everything must be in the same place" is not
an excuse.

> Or do we have to wait until Brian (Mr. Inline.pm) comes back
> from Vancouver?

He's coming back?  Burly!

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