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iWeb Technical Suport: Scott A. Hammond, Sr. scott at iwebsoftware.com
Fri Jun 1 12:29:03 CDT 2001

I've been hunting around for a good reference on
sending multipart e-mail in perl (essentially I want to
send text/plain and text/html in the same message)
with particular emphasis on the headers and
separators required to accomplish this.

I've found plenty of references for one or the other and
I can look at the souce on messages containing both
all day, however, there is a multi-part separator
included and I'm essentially looking for the specs/rules
I have to live by in generating such a separator, etc.

I've looked in CPAN, RFC's on mail standards, and
searched just about all of the major perl sites I normally
use.  I've not turned up much to date.

I would appreciate anyone who could offer pointers or
links to references on the headers necessary to send
multi-part messages.


Scott Hammond, Director of Technical Support
The Interactive Web (http://www.iwebsupport.com)

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