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>Subject: RE: SPUG: Template system
>Date: 07/26/2001 5:45 PM
>From: "Wallendahl, Michael/SEA" <mwallend at ch2m.com>
>To: spug-list at pm.org

>I understand the concept of wanting to seperate HTML and
Perl code and how
>that could be good.
>When would I want to use a "templating system" 

I use a templating system when I'm working in a rigidly
defined development heirarchy.  Programmers write cgi-code,
designers write html, and administrators run the servers.
Templating systems let eacy do their job without stepping on
the others' toes... as much.

>and when would I want to go with PHP or ASP?

I like PHP for rapid development of code that will only
server one particular purpose in an evironment where I'm the
only one that's going to have input into the code and
design.  Anything I've written in php has been for proof of
concept. Before it went into production it was re-written
using a homegrown templating system.

>I guess PHP/ASP are different scripting languages, so if I
wanted to stay completely Perl, then I would use a
templating system.  Correct?

You could use EMB Perl, but I have no experience with it.

>Did I just answer my own question or just confuse myself
more? :)

I think perhaps you asked a confusing question with an
unclear answer.  IMHO the differences between using a
templating system for code/presentation seperation, or an
embedding system for combination can be largely

- Ben

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