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Benjamin John Turner bjturner at mac.com
Thu Jul 26 16:06:16 CDT 2001

At 12:24 PM -0700 7/26/2001, Ian Li wrote:
>Right now, I'm considering HTML::Template, Text::Template, Template 
>Toolkit. HTML::Template sounds like a good choice for me, but I 
>can't include files into them. I like Template Toolkit because it 
>works kinda like Server Side Includes, in terms of being able to 
>include other files into one file. But I am concerned about Template 
>Toolkit's speed.

	Personally, I'm fond of HTML::Mason, but that might be too heavy 
for you, considering you don't have mod_perl avilable.
	I also follow HTML::Template development and I'm not sure what 
you mean when you say you can't include files. There is a 
TMPL_INCLUDE tag used by HTML::Template to insert another file into 
the current one. The only catch is that any variables to be used in 
the included file actually have to be set up by the script that's 
calling the file that's doing the TMPL_INCLUDE. Is this what you mean 
when you say you can't include files into them?
	I've never benchmarked Template Toolkit, but I can tell you that 
HTML::Template is very fast and works quite well in a non-mod_perl 
		Benjamin Turner
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