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Jim Flanagan jimfl at colltech.com
Thu Jul 26 15:14:50 CDT 2001

--Also Sprache Ian Li <ili at cardomain.com> On Thursday, July 26, 2001 12:24 
PM -0700:

     > Right now, I'm considering HTML::Template, Text::Template, Template
     > Toolkit. HTML::Template sounds like a good choice for me, but I
     > can't include files into them. I like Template Toolkit because it
     > works kinda like Server Side Includes, in terms of being able to
     > include other files into one file. But I am concerned about Template
     > Toolkit's speed.

  Actually, there are two ways to include other files using Text::Template.
  Here are a couple of examples:

      <H3> Included File Below</H3>
      {qx{cat filename}}



  you can make an alias in the package you use to store variables for the
  template called 'include', then it just looks like:


  The man page shows how to do this.

  Text::Template seems to have adequate speed in a CGI setting, but my
  applications if Text::Template have been pretty small scale.

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