SPUG: Perl Work at Amazon.Com

Tim Maher/CONSULTIX tim at consultix-inc.com
Thu Jul 19 01:31:07 CDT 2001

I'm hiring for a software development position at Amazon.com
(www.amazon.com) in downtown Seattle.  This is a permanent full-time
position, and while you can work from home sometimes, it can't be long-term

Please contact me (the hiring manager) directly at binde at amazon.com if
you're interested or if I can answer any more questions for you.  It's a
team of four (this position is the fifth, I count as a part of a sixth),
with development cycles of several days to several months (or in one case,

Here's the URL to the details (also included below):


Job title: UNIX Tools Software Development Engineer


Do you like to write tools that solve challenging scaling and automation
problems?  Are you drawn to projects that leverage your expertise in C/C++
and perl development, architecture and design skills, business acumen, and
understanding of UNIX?  We are looking for people with a passion for
creating widely deployed tools to solve such problems (and for discovering
these problems in the first place.) The ideal candidate has thorough
knowledge of and 3+ years experience with C/C++, perl, and object-oriented
design.  Undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science or equivalent
experience required; BSCS or MSCS highly desired.  Knowledge of UNIX,
object-oriented design, algorithms, data structures, the ability to work on
a team or independently, define project technical requirements, work with
technical and non-technical users, set appropriate project schedules, and
produce robust, supportable software with comprehensive, usable
documentation is a must.  Experience working with existing code, GUI
development, security, LDAP, SQL, systems administration (UNIX or NT),
creating client/server applications, and designing large scalable internal
systems is a plus, as is previous experience in a multi-platform development
environment.  Compensation includes stock options.

Melissa Binde
binde at amazon.com
Manager, Infrastructure Tools

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