SPUG: "Minimal "Perl" talk, 7/17 meeting

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Thu Jul 12 19:47:06 CDT 2001


Final reminder about next-week's "Beginner Level" SPUG meeting.
Please help me prepare for YAPC::Europe by turning up and helping
me debug my presentation! 8-}


                Seattle Perl Users Group
                     July Meeting

    Title: "Minimal Perl for the Impatient"
Situation: Rehearsal for 8/2/01 offering at YAPC::Europe, Amsterdam

  Speaker: Tim Maher
           Head Software Instructor, CONSULTIX
           POB 70563, Seattle WA 98107
          tim at consultix-inc.com
           (206) 781-UNIX/8649

     Time: July 17th, 2001 (Third Tuesday), 7pm-9pm
 Location: Union Bank of Cal., Madison & 5th, 5th Floor Mtg Room
More Info: www.zipcon.net/~spug
     Cost: Free!
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Target Audience

Anyone who doesn't already know Perl, needs to do simple data
processing, and has a logical mindset can benefit from attending.

This tutorial is particularly well suited to individuals of the
following types:

   o Non-Programmers (poets, managers, etc.)  who want to do simple
     data processing tasks, but without learning too much or thinking
     too hard, and

   o Programmers who already know a language or two, and want to learn
     just enough Perl to gain access to some of its special


Prior experience with programming is helpful, but anyone with a
logical mindset can benefit from attending.

Course Philosophy

Perl is a wonderful language, that offers programmers a rich feature
set, huge stylistic and syntactic liberties, and many ways to
accomplish the same thing.  But for the impatient beginner, these
characteristics can translate into "too many complications, too much
uncertainty, and too many choices."  Although Perl's motto is "There's
More Than One Way to Do It", this tutorial will teach students only
one way -- the "Easiest Way"!

What Attendees Will Learn

Students will learn a carefully selected minimal subset of Perl that
gives immediate access to some of its powerful capabilities, and
serves as a solid foundation for additional learning.  The tutorial's
approach is based on the "Pattern/Action" model of programming, as
featured in the influential AWK language.

Upon completion of the tutorial, students will have the necessary
skills to convert files, validate data, generate simple reports, and
perform numerical calculations in Perl.

Author & Instructor

During the last two decades, Dr. Tim Maher has taught programming to
thousands of high-tech professionals.  As a Professor of Computer
Science, and later as a Software Instructor for AT&T, Sun, DEC, HP,
and CONSULTIX, Dr. Maher has consistently earned acclaim for his
highly effective and entertaining style of course development and

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