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Bryan Dees nbhd at airborne.com
Wed Jul 11 13:22:30 CDT 2001


Someone may answer this better as I am yet a flegling Perl addict
myself, but:

push takes the values from the $citelist array and sends them to the end
of the $with_something array.

I think the @@ is attempting to dump the contents of a multidimensional
array much like: $blah[1][2]


Bryan Dees
Airborne Express

Martin Korb wrote:

> I came across this line of code and I am not at all sure what this
> means, particulary the "@@$".What does it mean?Thanks,Martin  my
> $citeList = [];
>       push @@$citeList, $with_something

Bryan Dees
Airborne Express
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