SPUG: perl question...

Matt Tucker tuck at whistlingfish.net
Fri Jan 12 13:40:32 CST 2001

-- Bhargava Vadapalli <Bhargava at drugstore.com> spake thusly:

> I was wondering if anyone can help me run a perl program as a
> background process.
> I am being lazy and asking you all instead of finding out for
> myself...but hey why re-invent the wheel !!

    $ perl <scriptname> &

or even:

    $ /path/to/script &

Or did you want it to background itself?


    use warnings;
    use strict;

    exit &main();

    sub main {
        my $pid = fork;
        defined $pid or die "Can't fork";
        return 0 if $pid;

        # You could close stdout/stderr here if you wanted, and
        # send all output to syslog or something

        # <Do whatever needs doing>

        return 0;
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